Common Water Problems

Hard Water Issues got you Down?

Hard Water

Hard water is dissolved rock made up of calcium and magnesium ions, which is what causes soap scum in tubs and showers and spots on faucets and fixtures. Hard water causes scaling in appliances and plumbing, lessening the life and efficiency of the equipment. Dry skin and hair are also effects of hard water.  Hard water in your area.


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Iron and Rust Stains

Iron is prevalent in many well water systems. It enters the water naturally as it is dissolved from the ground or as galvanized pipes corrode. This causes red/brown staining on sinks, toilets, and clothes and can add a metallic taste in the water.


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Sulfur Odor

The presence of hydrogen sulfide in water gives it an unpleasant, “rotten egg” smell. It can result from a gas, organic matter, or bacteria.  It can also cause black staining on fixtures and collect in plumbing and appliances.



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Chlorine Taste / Odor

Chlorine is used by some municipalities to disinfect water. But, this can cause the water to taste and smell bad. It also has a drying effect on skin and hair.


drinking water

Drinking Water

Contaminants are abundant in today’s water supplies. Even city water has been found to contain contaminants. We have various filtration and bottled water options to provide safe, great tasting water. We offer state certified systems to remove Arsenic.  Wisconsin water contaminants.



Sediment, silt, and other particles coming from your well can cause many problems in your home.  They plug up pipes, appliances, and even damage plates and glasses.



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