Hellenbrand Water Softeners

Made in USA Water Softeners

Water softeners offer critical protection for homes in southeastern Wisconsin. Hard water is 3-5x worse in our area compared to the national average. Dalee Water offers a full line of high quality home and commercial Hellenbrand water conditioners, made in the USA, right here in Wisconsin. Fortunately, hard water is not hazardous to your health, but is very destructive to plumbing, appliances, clothing, and glassware. We offer free water analysis and quotes. We sell, rent and offer interest free rent-to-own options. Rental rates start at $18.95/month.

City Water

Well Water

ProMate Ecomax Water Softener

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  • Save water, uses as little as 23 gallons and 3.3 lbs of salt to regenerate
  • Save salt, up to 40% more efficient than even today's metered systems
  • Achieves over 5000 grains per pound of salt

ProMate 6.0 Water Softener

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  • Great on well water 
  • Vortec Technology for better iron removal 
  • Uses 20% less water to regenerate. 

EE Series Twin Water Softener

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  • For larger families and businesses with high water usage 
  • 24 hour, uninterrupted soft water 
  • Digital and on demand

EE Series Softener

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  • On demand, regenerates only when needed 
  •  Customizable programming 
  • User friendly electronics