Hellenbrand Iron Curtain options from Dalee Water

Remove the rust and rotten egg odor from your water with a whole house iron and sulfur filter.  Call Dalee Water today for a free water test to determine the best Iron Curtain solution for you.  We are Iron Curtain experts. 

Iron Curtain 6.0 ProMate 6.0 Iron Curtain 

  • Treats extreme rust and sulfur problems
  • No hazardous chemicals needed
  • The industry standard for iron and sulfur removal 
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Iron Curtain 6.0 Iron Curtain STORM w/ Ozone

  • Uses the natural power of ozone to oxidize and sanitize your water
  • Reduces rust, odor and iron bacteria
  • Can eliminate the need for chemical feed pumps
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Iron Curtain Jr.PM6 Iron Curtain Jr.

  • Single tank system for lower iron and odor applications
  • Filters out rust, sulfur and sediment
  • Chemical free
  • Capable of daily air recharge without wasting water


Maintenance for Iron Filters:  An annual or bi-annual maintenance plan is ideal to keep peak performance and water quality.  Annual cleaning and testing is included in our rental programs.  Own your system?  We will clean and check your system for $99.00 + parts if needed. Schedule Iron Filter clean up.

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