ProMate 6.0

Save Salt and Save Energy with the ProMate 6.0

This state of the art technology is only available through Hellenbrand.

Save Energy: Independent testing at New Mexico State University concluded that softened water saves up to 30% energy consumption on gas water heaters and almost 22% on electric water heaters.

Product Features:

  • Vortec distributor offers enhanced resin cleaning and uses 20% less water.  See below: 
  • Double backwash feature for high iron applications.
  • Premium 10% cross-linked resin for longer life vs. the industry standard of 6-7%.   Plus, get more soft water per pound of salt.
  • On demand, metered system.  Regenerates only when needed.
  • Variable reserve feature monitors your family‚Äôs daily usage and customizes the regeneration based on the day of the week.
  • Customizable electronic programming that uses less than $2.00 of electricity per year.
  • Backlit display shows the gallons remaining, flow rates, time of day, and dealer name and phone number.
  • Insulated jacket to protect tank from sweating pipes and mold.
  • Optional pre-fill of brine tank to prevent salt bridging.
  • 1" valve for higher flow rates and less pressure loss.
  • Lithium battery back up, restores settings for up to two years without power.
  • Made in the USA.

Vortec Technology:  Basic softeners contain gravel at the bottom.  The Vortec plate in the Pro Mate 6.0 creates a superior backwash in a cyclone fashion that offers enhanced resin cleaning and uses 20% less water to regenerate.

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